Tuesday, January 10, 2012


When you create something, it’s personal. For some people it’s hard to hear what’s wrong with it or what could be done differently to improve it. After all, art and style are subjective and it’s understandable to want to defend your style, because in a sense it’s a part of you.  However, if you want to improve, its best to open your ears and listen to what the world saying.

There is no getting around the fact that we each see the world differently, embrace the value of the wide spectrum and you’ll have a better understanding of yourself, your work, and the world around you.  
I submitted my drawing of Vikky to the sycra art forms for critique, here’s what Sycra himself had to say:
"Hey Adam. Awesome work. There is a LOT of things that are awesome about this image. I like the layout, the strong graphic sense, the color palette of the background... Just some really top notch stuff. There are some areas that need some work however. Storyben covered the collarbone, which I agree with, but there are some other small areas, the cleavage in the breasts for example, that could be improved. I think if you just spent a bit more time refining things and studying some more reference it'd help. Also, I notice that there is a change in color between the chest and face and the abs and arms and legs... Even though you do get color shifts in pictures like this, I think for the clean style you're going for, it may be better to stay to a similar color for all these areas. The eyes are popping a bit too much. The value of white in them might be a bit too strong and the color too... But it's not so garish to me that you can't get away with it. I think it's your choice in this area. I would personally make it a bit more subtle, but it's your call. Overall, really nice work!"                   

Another user went ahead and did some edits to my drawing and I have to say, I’m really glad he did.
It helped me to see a different version of what I am aiming for. I’ll probably use his suggestions in the development of the character, as I sculpt it in zbrush. 

Edits in tone and slight facial changes.
My original image.

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