Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Two headed woman in ivory.

I’ve been using zbrush for about a year and a half now, I know the basic functions, and how to do what I need to do, but I’m still not comfortable with its interface. Compared to other programs the UI still feels really strange to me, mainly because the menus are so small and out of the way.

 At first I hated it. It’s really frustrating to find your way around if you don’t know where to look, but I guess once you know where to look, it’s not that bad, and to be honest it’s kinda growing on me now. To get more comfortable with program I’ve been doing some sculpts for fun. My goal is to feel as comfortable in zbrush as I do in Photoshop. Below are some recent quick sculpts I’ve done.

My goal is to be able to sculpt anything, and sculpt it well. I’ve been studying more anatomy, especially the face, trying and improve.

Ancient/futurist deathbot illustration.

Two headed woman in ivory. (front)

Mayan crux in cast metal. 

Alien with a PSA illustration. 

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