Friday, October 14, 2011

Slay the beast, end the nightmare - Occupy Wall Street.

When I first heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement last week I was astonished; not so much in the fact that it was taking place, but rather in the fact that it had been going on for several weeks with no media coverage. You would think that the start of a revolution would make front page news, but in this instance, (when it’s domestic) it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

The good news is that the movement seems to be spreading across the globe and getting more coverage, which is encouraging; but I’ve also noticed some backlash, fragmentation, and a major lack of interest amongst many of my friends. Some people are trying to bring politics and religion into it.

I honestly don’t think these two things have anything to do with the movement. Mainstream media is dead set on calling the protesters a bunch of liberals looking for a free handout; just a bunch of bums that are too lazy to get a job. I believe this misconception is spilling over into public opinion because I’ve seen user created content that supports this.

A good instance is the image this guy posted. If anything, he’s a perfect example of the stacked deck we are all playing against.

I completely support the Occupy Wall Street movement and I consider myself a very ambitious and conservative individual. (Not that it matters.) I believe in free enterprise. I feel that if you work hard, you should be rewarded for it. Sadly that’s not the case in America anymore.

Our country has been hijacked by bankers, corporations, and policy makers that are out of touch with reality. They value profits and power over the wellbeing of this planet and its people. It’s a disgrace and it needs to end. As humans, I would hope that we are better than this. As citizens, I believe we can do more.

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