Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vikky’s Face Sculpt

So after miserably failing at drawing an orthographic projection of Vikky’s face, I started to worry if I could even do the sculpt. I mean if I can’t even sketch it out, how am I going to sculpt it?

So rather than letting this worry eat away me, I decided to tackle it head on. There was no point in me blocking out the body if I couldn’t do the face. I took the reference that I had and started with clean geometry.

From working inside of Max, I have a pretty good idea how to set up edge loops for animation. The tools in Maya are really put together nicely. They seem more efficient than Max’s tool set. After about an hour or so I had my basic geometry ready to export to Zbrush.

Once inside of zbrush, I very slowly started working on the model here and there, it took me longer than I would like to admit, but the I’m satisfied with the results I came out with. She looks different than I originally intended, but, its close, so we’ll see. I’ll probably go back and tweak is some more once I add the body.

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