Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vikky’s Gun – Choosing the right weapon.

Originally I thought about giving Vikky a set of Colt peace makers. The Peace Maker is a classic gun that revolutionized the west and it’s what most quick-draw artists shoot with today, but as I was studying it, it felt like the form didn’t Match Vikky personality and appearance. It’s too masculine.

Because the story is set somewhat in the future, I flirted with the idea of using a more modern firearm but I wanted to keep the image revolver. My first choice was a Smith and Wesson .357. It’s a solid looking gun, but I felt like the modern double action mechanism took something away from Vikky’s charm. She needs single action pistols. In the right hands, a single action pistol has a higher rate of fire. With the double action, the shooter is somewhat limited to the speed of mechanical mechanism. With a single action, all the speed is on the shooters ability. I needed something older.

My next choice was the 1851 Navy. These guns were originally designed as black powder, ball and cap guns, but after the Peace Maker came onto the market, many shooters converted their guns to a standard self-contained revolver. This gun has that old charm to it, but in my opinion, it kind of looks a little frail. I needed something stronger.

The Colt Single Action Army seemed like a good choice-- It has that old charm to it and seems solid, but it felt like something was still missing. I needed something with a little more sex appeal.

I finally came up with the Remington 1875 Outlaw. I think it fits Vikky well.

My next post will be about boxing out this gun in Maya.

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