Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vikky Miller - Early Concept.

Duke Vs. The Dead is a story I'm writing which involves Zombies and Gunslingers.

The human spirit may never die, but it sure takes a hell of a beating in this a post-apocalyptic love story.

One of the characters is named Vikki Miller.
She's 25 and originally from Austin, but now she roams the wastelands.

A few years ago she was a Texas beauty queen-- but don't let that fool you, she's hardly the prissy type. Raised on a horse ranch, her father worked the rodeos as a rifleman.

His marksmanship would leave onlookers stunned with awe, but it was Vikky who brought in the crowds.

At fifteen she took a liking to the six gun.
Two years later she had mastered it.

When showtime came she had two colt's strapped to her hips. Her quick-draw was legendary. She could hit five targets in under a second. They called it the fast five. These days she's still drawing quick and hitting her mark, but the rodeo sure has changed.

I had a lot of fun creating this character-- she's sexy, smart, and tough. Basically I was just trying to get a good feel for her.

I'll probably change a few things as I go, but everything needs a starting point, and this just happens to be it. My next step is to refine these a little bit and begin boxing out her form in Maya.

Andrea Boehlke, from Survivor - Redemption Island was my inspiration for her face.

I'm hoping to take these concept drawings and develop them into an animated series, but we'll see what happens. One thing is for certain -- I'm going to document the process.

These drawing were done in Photoshop on my Wacom Bamboo tablet. I've since upgraded to an Intous 4. At the time I really didn't know how to draw (and I still don't) but I've been slowly teaching myself since January 2011. Right now I'm reading Michael Hampton- Figure Drawing - Design and Invention.

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